Hey guys its Tom/Founder of MPG and even though im not in the vids all the time it doesn’t mean im not there.  It just means im doing stuff like this making a website or editing the content that goes up on youtube.

I also manage the PC’s and sometimes build some PC’s.  I started MPPCF in 2012 standing for Muiltiplatform Platform Personal Computer Fixes but the name didn’t last because it was long and confusing. The company didn’t last long either as we didn’t have any customers. That seemed to be a problem so we stopped and in mid 2013 I started MPG stang for Muiltiplatform Gaming on youtube. I started off really badly so I got some friends (Harry, Royce, Rory, Ollie A and Ollie B) and we made a video… and it sucked. So by thins point we had to learn from out mistakes like rendering a 720p video in 4k (royces fault) and posting it on youtube in 480p, by the way royce is a much better editor now so he’s in charge of that kind of stuff.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at our site and if you want to support us just go to our channel and click subscribe or even the views is enough.


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